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Doggie Dorms
10942 West Loomis Road
Franklin, WI  53132
Phone: (414) 425-3766
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The Doggie Dorms offers 48 kennels in all shapes and sizes.  We understand that each dog has different needs for comfort and we try to accommodate them the best we can. Brentwood Animal Campus offers 3 play yards which vary from 1 1/2 acres to 60ft by 25ft.  The Doggie Dorms is open 365 days out of the year. We currently serve over 1,500 families and over 2,000 pets. We take pride in being chosen to care for you pets while you are away. We understand the responsibility of watching your pets and strive for perfection.

    The Doggie Dorms serve all your dogs needs. We have bedding available or feel free to bring anything from home. Each dog must bring its own food, but we do have food, treats and toys for purchase.

All dogs are required to come in with a regular collar (no choke chain/pinch collars). Does your pet need medication/special attention? Don't worry, we are fully qualified to administer any medication as directed by you or your veterinarian. We are up for taking any guests that may require a little more attention. But it must allow us to keep our environment safe. We want to make your pets stay as enjoyable as possible. All guests are required to be spayed or neutered and current on the following vaccinations/protocols:
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • 4-way Lepto
  • Bordetella
  • Negative Fecal
*If you have a puppy under 9 months, please give us a call in regards to our protocol because they vary based on age.

We have both an indoor and outdoor play area so your dog is able to interact with other dogs...as long as there's no fighting. We also have a pond that your dog can play in... with your permission of course.

Since we have 4 group play times per day, all guests must be social in order to board with us.  For our operations to run smoothly, we require all new customers to come in for a trial day to test out or enivironment.  Trial days are free of charge, but only are available Tuesday through Thursdays. These trial days help our staff assess your dog's behavior based on the environment we hold here at Brentwood Animal Campus. On trial days, dogs should be dropped off around 8am and picked up between 4-6pm.  

All new customers must first have a trial day to ensure the dog will have a safe and enjoyable stay. While there are no bad dogs, there are dogs that aren't a good fit for our style of boarding. Our social atmosphere is only good if all the dogs are social. One some weekends, we have upwards of 80 dogs here and not all dogs react well to that situation. Please call us and schedule a time to come in and learn more about our facility and our process. 


5ft x 7ft kennels

 1 dog $35.00 per day 
2 dogs in one kennel  $60.00 per day 
 3 dogs in one kennel $85.00 per day 

7ft x 10ft kennels

1 dog  $55 per day 
2 dogs in one kennel  $85 per day 
 3 dogs in one kennel $95 per day 

 *Holiday rates*  
  • Additional $2 per day, per dog. 
  • All reservations require a $50 deposit. 
  • Deposit amount is taken off of final bill. 
  • Deposit is non-refundable if you cancel within 4 days of your scheduled stay.
Pick Ups & Drop Offs

8:00am to 10:00am
4:00pm to 6:00pm

 **Other times may be possible but must be scheduled in advanced and have approval. Additional fees may apply.

Please call for more information, to schedule a tour, or to make a reservation.
Office Phone - (414) 425-3766            
Office Fax -     (414) 425-3755
Email: Dorms@animalcampus.com