My dog doesn’t like to be groomed. I have been told not to come back to some groomers. What can i do?

We try to work with all dogs. We have a very different atmosphere than most grooming shops. We do one dog at a time which seems to lessen the stress levels for most dogs. There is less going on, less barking, and it seems to help them relax in an unfamiliar setting. In the past, we have sedated dogs with extreme behavior problems so we could give them a haircut. This, of course, was requested by the customer and closely overseen by our on-staff veterinarian. We will try our hardest to find a way to get your dog groomed when no one else will.

If my dog is matted, do I have to get it shaved?

In most cases, yes. It is very hard to de-mat a dog. It takes a lot of time and it is painful for the dog. It can also severely thin out a dog’s hair, making it look bad. De-matting is not possible for dogs with extreme matting. Matting can be caused by lack of brushing and/or the type of coat. When a dog is matted, it cannot be given a bath or it will worsen. The water will only tighten up the mats causing more discomfort for the dog. If the matting ever gets too severe, it is possible to tear the dog’s skin. The best thing for almost all dogs when they are matted is to shave them and start over. It may not be the best looking haircut… but hair will grow back.

Why are some dogs more expensive than others?

Our prices are based on weight and breed. Bigger dogs take longer to do and are more work. Smaller dogs have less surface area and dry a lot quicker. Some breeds require a special cut like a “skirt” on a cocker-spaniel or shaved feet and face on a poodle. These take more time and skill to do, which is why they cost more. Other factors are the condition of the coat and the dog’s behavior. The more time a groomer has to spend on your dog, the more it will cost.

What is included in a full groom?

A full groom is a bath with our gold shampoo, a nail trim, ear cleaning (and plucking if required by breed), and haircut of your choice. For an additional $15 you can get your full groom upgraded to conditioning treatment, anal gland cleaning, and teeth cleaning.

What is the benefit of Daycare for my dog?

There are many benefits. The main benefit is socializing your dog. So many people I talk to get upset when their dog growls or barks at people and other dogs. Not to mention not being able to play with a new or unfamiliar dog when they see one at a family event or a park. Just as kids learn social skills in daycares and schools, dogs learn the same thing at our daycare. They get used to the different smells and behaviors and have a watchful eye on them at all times. Another benefit is if you just need a break and need a sitter for the day. We have many clients that are remodeling their house, have a new baby, or have other distractions so they don’t have the time or energy to watch them. Daycare is the perfect way to give your dog a fun play day while you get your stuff done.

Will my dog get dirty while at the Daycare?

YES! 🙂 We average about 25 dogs per day and they always seem to find the mud. Certain times of year are worse than others but for the most part there is a great chance your pup will get dirty. Especially due to the fact that we have a pond. We will wipe down your dog at the end of the day to get rid of most of it but we do offer a discounted go home bath for all our clients. The prices for the baths range depending on size and behavior.

How much playtime does my dog get during the day?

Weather permitting, they are playing both outdoors in our acre and a half play yard and indoor area for around 5 hours a day. Our daycare follows school rules when it comes to weather and holidays. If schools are closed, we are closed.