What is Lepto 4-way? Why is it now required by your Boarding and Daycare buildings?

Lepto 4-way is a shot to help prevent Leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a very serious bacterial infection that affects the kidney and liver. If not treated early, it can seriously harm your pet and, in some cases, cause death. Lepto can be spread through animal urine. If a dog infected with lepto urinates in a body of water such as a pond or puddle, it can possibly contaminate it. It can also be passed by urine containing Lepto touching an open wound or splashing in an animal’s eyes. Lepto can be spread to humans. Signs of Lepto would be yellow-colored eyes, vomiting, fever, failure to eat, reduced urine, urine may be brown in color, and lethargy. Animal Campus chooses to make this a required vaccine because we do offer a pond and we want to protect all of our guests. While this disease has never been a problem here, we want to prevent it at all costs. Please call us at (414) 427-2700 for more info on this and anything else relating to your pet’s health.