What is Lepto 4-way? Why is it now required by your Boarding and Daycare buildings?

Lepto 4-way is a shot to help prevent Leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a very serious bacterial infection that affects the kidney and liver. If not treated early, it can seriously harm your pet and, in some cases, cause death. Lepto can be spread through animal urine. If a dog infected with lepto urinates in a body of water such as a pond or puddle, it can possibly contaminate it. It can also be passed by urine containing Lepto touching an open wound or splashing in an animal’s eyes. Lepto can be spread to humans. Signs of Lepto would be yellow-colored eyes, vomiting, fever, failure to eat, reduced urine, urine may be brown in color, and lethargy. Animal Campus chooses to make this a required vaccine because we do offer a pond and we want to protect all of our guests. While this disease has never been a problem here, we want to prevent it at all costs. Please call us at (414) 427-2700 for more info on this and anything else relating to your pet’s health.

Can I get a discount if I have to leave my dog there for an extended period of time?

In the past, we have offered discounts for extended stay clients. These are on a case by case basis and we try our best to make such cases as affordable as possible. Generally, we will require a minimum of a 20 day stay to consider discounted rates. As this can vary from case to case, please contact us for more questions. Just because your pets stay for extended times doesn’t guarantee you a discount. Certain requirements and situations must be met to qualify.

What is so good about laser surgery as opposed to the old-fashioned way?

Laser surgery has been shown to cut back on blood loss during the surgery, minimize infections after surgery, and leave your animal feeling less pain after surgery and recover faster. It improves the quality of care your pet gets. Animal Campus offers both types of surgeries, so you can choose what option is best for you and your pet.

Why is it so important to get my pet’s teeth cleaned?

Most infections and organ diseases an animal gets start from the mouth…just like humans. Rotting teeth and other oral infections spread all over your pet’s body. By spending $200 (on average) a year, you will extend and improve the quality of its life, and save thousands in future medical bills.

If my dog is injured while staying with you, am I going to be stuck with a large bill from your Vet?

If your pet is injured during your stay, you will be charged for the doctor’s time, medications dispensed, and any material cost that is used. We also try to split the bill 50/50 between the two parties that were involved in the altercation. Being that every case is different, it is hard to say an average amount charged. Any major costs will have to be approved by you, unless it is a life threatening situation. In that rare instance, we would do whatever it takes to best care for your dog.

Do dogs ever get into fights? What happens if they do?

There have been a few times where dogs have gotten into quick altercations. We have changed our rules and no longer take toys out in the yards, which has caused fewer incidents. We have also set up a trial day system which gives us a chance to meet your dogs and to make sure that we provide an adequate atmosphere for your pet. If any dog comes into our facility and is having a hard time adjusting to our social environment, we will do the best we can to work with these dogs, however safety is our number one concern. In the rare occurrence of an accident, we have a veterinarian on staff to look over all of the dogs involved. The family of the dog will be contacted and informed on the situation that arose.

How often do my dogs get out to play?

As long as the weather isn’t severe, they will be outside on average 4-5 hours per day. They are let out twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon/evening. In case of severe weather (cold, snow, rain, heat), they will be let out if possible to go to the bathroom and then play inside in groups. Your pet’s safety is our top priority so we will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe.